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Do your team "see" your vision?

Have you even told them what your vision or values are? What are their personal values and how do they fit into the vision for your salon and team?
These are core questions we need to ask ourselves as salon owners and team leaders.
Getting ALL your team on "the same page" is vital not only to the future of your business but also your sanity!
Like anything that needs to be embedded into your culture this takes time, but once you have built this foundation you will find your business will be much more resilient, you won't spend all your time putting out fires within your team!
OK, so where to start?
Everyone needs to agree on the team values so you need to workshop this in a get together. Ask everyone to bring 4 values to the meeting - what they think would be the most important behaviour and attitudes that everyone needs to respect. You can break up into groups or work it out as a group - whatever way gets everyone communicating and contributing is the best way.
Once you have chosen your values and what they mean then they need to be put in to writing or shall we say set in stone!
Then what?
Get them up on the back room wall, update them into your Culture Guide (or P & P Manual). You now essentially have "rules of engagement", from here you can start building your Client Journey ("rules of engagement" for the clients) and appraising your team individually - discovering their vision for their future within your salon....beautiful!