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Are hair stylists on the brink of extinction?

Due to circumstances beyond your control you need another have a clientele waiting!
Tracy (your busiest stylist) has just headed off on her big OE, perfect timing as Belinda (your second busiest stylist) is about to go on maternity leave.........sound familiar?
You have advertised on Trademe and every other avenue you can think of but your email inbox is still void of suitable applicants.
If you own a salon in NZ this is a predicament that you have probably experienced or potentially may in the future unfortunately. The lack of experienced/qualified stylists has been a problem in the industry for a very long time. In 1992 when the apprenticeship system was given a major overhaul, units of learning were introduced, ITO's were formed and when the legislation was changed it opened the door to private providers and the numerous courses we see in the industry today.
I was working in the industry for a haircare company then. "You will never struggle to find a stylist again" "You will be able to chose from numerous nearly qualified hairdressers for your team" 
I am looking hard and I can't see that unfortunately. I think the real winners in the picture are the provide providers - they are making a lot of money from the various hairdressing courses they are offering. Some are doing a great job creating motivated and passionate hairdressers for salons, others are charging significant fees for students will often never contribute to the industry. 
So what is the solution?
"Growing your own" is the only answer, but just like planting a seedling into your vege garden you need to nourish, water and protect your plant. 
Have you ever been away on holiday and asked your neighbour to water your garden? You arrive home and to your disappointment your tomatoes have died, they were watered...but not enough.
When you take an apprentice onboard make sure you have a weekly, innovative education program that revolves around your salon's culture, client journey habits and your team beliefs as well as technical hands on training - I think it should be a 50/50 split between what I call mojo education and technical education. 
Think about it, if you don't invest and educate your apprentice you are really just letting the system decide whats best for the most valuable asset you have.....a future stylist! 
We think you should always challenge the status quo to improve.
What do you think about the shortage of stylists in NZ? What do you think the solution is?