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"Nothing influences people more than a recommendation from a trusted friend" Mark Zuckerberg

"A trusted referral influences people more than the best broadcast message"

This is an interesting quote from Mark Zuckerberg the founder of facebook. Quite often in the salon environment we become very focussed on our marketing strategy - social media, email marketing, packages, promotions and the list goes on. We have all these "social media experts" telling us that it's vital to our salons survival.......but is it really? Didn't we have rocking salons before the creation of "social media"? Of course we did!

Well I figure the above marketing strategies are still part of the jigsaw of success - it's sort of like that piece of sky, you need it but it's not really the vital piece or the core of the picture. Here's what I believe is the key ingredient to a successful business and healthy salon culture......

Your Client's Journey

What do I mean by that? What your client see's, feels and experiences from the minute they step in your door until the minute they leave. Do your clients "feel the love" every single time they visit?

The only way you can create consistent performance in this area of your business is by benchmarking (measuring the score of your actions) education/mentoring and defining your values and mission as a team.

Once you have your Client Journey and salon culture perfected then your referrals will keep the new clients rolling in. What's great about these new clients is that they are from the same "tribe" as your existing ones, they fit your salons culture and therefore you have a higher chance of retaining them!

Need a hand? Get in touch and we would love to recommend the best program for your salon and business values.