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    Pip Simmons

    Salon Business Mentor.

    Business owner.

    Mentoring in hair salons has always been a goal of mine. I am a trained stylist and have done the hard slog, working my way up from ‘sweeping floors’ to managing two salons at the age of 21. From there I moved into Salon Coordinating, and have had the privilege of coordinating some of the biggest salons in Christchurch.

    I have always felt I have a great understanding of the business aspect of a salon, as well as the mindset of the stylist, and the dynamics within a salon team. I feel that having a mentor is now an integral part of a successful business journey to take your business to the next level, and offers a fresh set of eyes and an external perspective.

    I'm based in Rolleston with my husband and two kids, Chloe (15) and Oli (13), Richie the cat, and our latest addition, Maverick the miniature Schnauzer. We love the fact that no two days are ever the same at our house! Our favourite spot to escape to is anywhere with water and fish, with Marlborough Sounds being a firm favourite.

    When I'm not working, I'm often attempting to ‘train’ for whatever event is on the horizon. I'm proud to say I've completed 4 half marathons and have competed in three Spring Challenges – the worlds largest womens adventure race!



    Get in touch on my mobile:
    +64 (0)272810022


    Or email me


    If you are looking for a fresh set of eyes and a new perspective on your salon business then one on one coaching is the perfect solution!
    Our sessions are delivered face to face or online dependent on your location.


    $497 + GST


    Ready to take action but don't know where to start?

    This comprehensive two hour session helps you to identify the strengths and weaknesses within your salon and provides you with tangible solutions and strategies to overcome them.
    It will improve your focus and confidence as a salon owner and create an action plan/strategy for you to move forward with.
    Key areas of analysis include:

    • Financial intelligence
    • Pricing and profit
    • Team dynamics and performance
    • Productivity
    • Goal setting
    • Marketing and branding.

    Includes a comprehensive Business Needs Analysis and follow up Action Plan.
    This workshop can be split into two one hour sessions and can be done via video call or in person if feasible.



    $149 + GST PER WEEK


    Culture Kickstart is an ideal program for a new salon owner or a salon with a small team.

    The focus of this program is to embed a strong foundation, culture and structure into your salon so you can grow a smart and resilient business.

    Key areas covered are:

    • Business Needs Analysis - an in-depth analysis of your salons current strengths and weaknesses
    • Love thy numbers - understanding what you need to measure and monitor and what the numbers mean for you as a salon owner
    • Creating your team values
    • How to create an amazing journey for your clients and deliver it consistently
    • Creating benchmarks to help you measure your salons productivity and team dynamics
    • Managing your stock spend and pricing your services for profit
    • Mentoring and rewarding your team
    • Future plan - where to from here?

    This program is delivered in a module format either face to face (or online dependent on your location) and is ideal for a small team with 4 or less team members.

    We support you through your learning journey with unlimited email and phone support.


    $447 + GST


    Need a hand with your pricing?

    Not sure if your services are priced correctly?

    Feel like your team are under charging for those big colour jobs but not sure what the price formula should be?

    Pimp my pricing is a comprehensive module that leaves you understanding your pricing and giving you a direction for how to implement regular price increases as well as an easy-to-use formula that you can apply in the future.

    This module involves a 45 min initial consult where I explain my salon pricing structure and how it can work for you. You are then sent away with some homework for you and your team, and we meet 2 weeks later and analysis the information gathered in your homework and examine your pricing.

    This session is also 45 mins.

    Investment $447 + GST. Any additional time required will be charged as ‘individual hours’


    $547 + GST


    This module concentrates on your team’s productivity, analysing their figures and examining the potential within their column. We then utilise a sliding payscale and look at how to implement this into your business. The sliding pay scale is a resource you willthen have for life.

    This module involves a 60-minute consult where we look at you what you charge, and what your teams’ columns currently look like. I then give you some homework and we catch up a fortnight later for 60 minutes, and look at what sliding pay scale would be the best fit and discuss how to implement it.

    Investment $547+ GST. Any additional time required willbe charged as ‘individual hours’



    $199 + GST

    Do you know what your KPI’s are for your business?

    Do you know how to measure growth within your business?

    And how to identify where it’s coming from?

    Sick of winging it and not really having a goal for your turnover?


    Setting aside time to reflect on your business numbers, and
    set the tone for moving ahead is a vital part of taking control of your
    business and feeling empowered about its direction.

    This module involves a 60 min session where we will dive into your ‘big picture’ figures and analyse where your business is heading, by comparing your figures from reports from your salon software.

    We will then set some tangible goals ($ and %) for the coming year and create a framework for you and your team to achieve these goals.

    You will walk away from this session with your ‘big picture’ goals for the year ahead, broken down into manageable chunks, and written down in a trackable way, ready for you to take action.

    Investment - $199 + GST, and 60 minutes


    $279 + GST per hour


    Have you got a few one off questions that you need answered?

    Have some ideas you need to bounce of someone who just 'gets it'?

    Need a different perspective and want to keep it confidential?


    I can do 'one off coaching sessions'. These sessions have a minimum charge of one hour, and do not include any tools or resources. They are the perfect oppurtunity to ask a few questions, or to see if a coaching program with me is a good fit for you.




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    Tina Fuller

    Crew Stylists


    Before I started with Bamboo, when I thought about my business I felt frustrated and like I really did not know what direction I wanted to go in. When it came to staff and salon structure, I was feeling a little unempowered. Now I feel I have a clear direction with goals and that I have the knowledge to build a great team and an even greater salon


    The biggest areas of change in the business has been making time to listen and talk with staff plus I have better organisation towards this, knowing what is important and setting goals for both myself and my team. Pip helped us achieve this by helping us to think about and what is important and achievable and the tools and know how to go about it


    I would recommend Pip as she is calm, fun and a good listener.


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    Anna Wilson

    Tanglez Hair Studio



    Highly recommend Bamboo Consulting, Pip is a wealth of knowledge and I feel like she's been my number one supporter! But reigns me in when needed.

    Whenever I have questions or need help she is always there with an open ear and great
    advice, she has helped grow my salon from strength to strength.

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    Megan Edwardson

    Hair by ME


    I have loved working with Pip to create better systems for our salon so all of
    our team know the processes, expectations & goals.

    Pip is easy to talk to about all aspects of business & salon while still being able to call me out when I need to do the work! Pip has seemingly endless ideas & strategies which is amazing.

    I always look forward to our meetings, and even though we are different ends of the country it has never been hard working with Pip & it was fantastic to
    finally meet her in person, it was like catching up with a friend.
    She has recently joined us in salon to deliver a two day workshop with our whole team which was well organised & delivered flawlessly.

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    Lisa Cross

    Haven Hair Design


    Pip is extremely easy to talk to, highly knowledgeable within the industry and offers invaluable ideas, solutions and processes.

    As I am a solo owner operator, Pip is a fabulous resource to call on
    as she can give me up to the minute examples of how other salons operate or have used various processes to retain clients, improve profit and truly
    understand the cost of each service offered.

    Pip has a very down to earth way of explaining things, meaning all information can be taken on board easily and efficiently, she has great in salon resources to use prior to some mentoring
    sessions so that all facts and figures are on hand therefore making “your” personalised session highly valuable. Pip always attends your meeting highly
    prepared and recalls previous information enabling us to quickly recall details but moves forward at a good pace ensure the sessions keep evolving.
    I think once you have had a session with Pip you will
    completely understand the value of having her as part of your team.



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