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Are your new clients really feelin' the love?

New clients find us in many ways these days..

We naturally lose clients (no matter how fabulous we are) for numerous reasons, like moving across town, out of town or overseas.

It's vital that you have a strategy for "welcoming" your new clients to your salon and ensuring that they fall in love with you (love at first sight would be perfect!) and return on a regular basis. It's a bit like a blind date really, first impressions count.

You also want your new client to step out of your salon looking amazing, feeling euphoric and of course already hooked up for the next date!

So here's some tips & ideas you might want to THINK about:

Your clients need a sincere, personalised and warm welcome

"Hi - take a seat, we won't be long" doesn't really cut it. Get out from behind that desk and introduce yourself by name, welcome them to the salon, ideally take them on a tour and introduce them to as many team members as possible by name. Then guide them to a seat in reception to wait for their stylist.

Make sure you get them to fill out a new client card

Contact details such as mobile/email are vital for future marketing and reminders.

Grab the opportunity to get some feedback on what they like/dislike about their hair at the moment. Most importantly find out how they found you - was it via another client? facebook? instagram? it's important to know how they are finding you so that you know where to spend your marketing dollar wisely.

If you are using an iPad to gather your client info don't just hand it to them - some people don't know how to use an iPad! Offer to type the info in for them.

Stylists need to introduce themselves and connect with clients before the consultation begins

You should be seriously excited that you have a new client!

Introduce yourself, tell them a bit about you and the salon, then move into the consultation and discuss the info they have given you about their hair habits. The client journey is as much about feelings as it is about the technical aspects of their hair. Your client should feel like they are the only client in the salon and your focus is solely on them and their hair. Don't forget to "complete the circle" and make the end of your service as strong as your beginning. Create a future plan and suggest subtle changes for the next appt - you are hinting that you would like another date!

Put just as much energy into your farewell as your greeting - they should be stepping out the door feeling like they are on cloud 9!

Don't "love them and leave them" in between appts

Following up on their first appt is so important!

The ways you can do this are endless so chose what suits the vibe and personality of your salon. You could:

  • Give them a welcome pack with some vouchers, price list and other goodies just as they are leaving
  • Email/text them a "it was lovely to meet you" message
  • Email them a survey on their experience that puts them in a monthly prize draw when they complete it
  • Post them a card with a personal thank you message
  • Call them to check how their hair is feeling and that they are loving it
  • Offer a complementary "style check" which is a wash & blow-dry within two weeks of their first appt

Now you can see why it was important to gather their contact info at the start.

How else can you personalise your clients journey?

What more can you do to convert your clients to raving fans?

Might be a great topic for the team meeting!

Drop us an email if you have any questions/thoughts on the info above or comment below