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The Millennial generation

How do they tick?!

How can we understand them better!?

When I was researching online for this blog I googled the term ‘Millennials’. My search results contained info I already knew like, they are the generation after generation X, according to Wikipedia they are born anywhere between early 1980 – early 2000’s (which means I’m one!)

I also found other interesting info on the traits associated with Millennials such as:

  • A sense of entitlement
  • A tendency to over share on social media
  • A natural frankness that verges on insubordination

This resonated completely with the frustrations we quite often hear from salon owners. So the next questions is how do we ‘tap into’ them?

Firstly, clear expectations need to be laid out when you are hiring a Millennial. They need to know what you expect, but also telling them what you will ‘give’ in return will go a long way. This should satisfy the sense of entitlement as they can see what’s in it for them. Utilise their love of social media and get them involved in your salon social media pages (just check the spelling and lingo first before they post it!) they will love you for it and possibly are more in touch with what appeals to people using social media than you are.

Now, the ‘frankness verging on insubordination’ is the challenge, again, clear expectations and a good robust salon handbook will go a long way here. Personally, I have found that teams with a good solid culture will mold a Millennial and any poor behavior will generally fade out pretty quickly. If not, remember that you have employment agreements for a good reason, use the performance and trial clauses effectively!

Treat them like any other team member, help them to set goals and show them how you can support and grow them.

Meet with them weekly/monthly for a one on one mentoring session and six monthly for the big appraisal – it will go a long way in building the communication and relationship.

One of our fav sayings at Bamboo is

“ Be hard on the system and soft on the person”

Which really means that when you have a system, structure and a clear expectation you can align your team to it and any issues you have aren’t personal they are about what's best for the culture of the salon.

Pip x