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Set the goal, start the journey!

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One of the many questions we ask when we start coaching a salon is "What would you like your salon turnover to be each week?" it's surprising how many salon owners have no idea or just haven't stopped to think about what their dream number would be!
Defining this number is important in lots of ways, firstly you now have a destination...something to aim for. You also can now analyse how far away you are from your goal and the ingredients you need to acheive it.
Do you need more staff or more clients or both? Do you just need the clients you have to spend more money or visit you more often? Do you need your team to step up their productivity and look after more clients in their day? Just like baking a cake if you leave out a vital ingredient you won't get the right taste, texture or size!
Where do you start? Set a goal that's within reach as a stepping stone. Look at your software reports and decide what your missing ingredients are. Lead and mentor your team to improve their Client Journey in the areas you need to focus on.
Simple strategies like this will really help you take your business to the next level and ensure your salon cake always tastes great!