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Do I need salon software?

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As hairdressers we generally have an adversity to numbers...we prefer to measure with emotions.
The problem that we create with this is sometimes our emotional radars aren't always correct. How often have you thought you were having a quiet week, then to your surprise you ended up with lots of dollars in the bank!
Don't be afraid of your numbers...they are created by your actions. The client journey that every client takes when they step through your door this week will be reflected in your numbers, their client spend will relate directly to how connected your consultation was. How much money they spend in your salon over the year will be directly related to your rebook rate/visit rate and so on.
Your numbers are a map of the strengths and weaknesses of your salon, client journey and team. If you want to grow and future proof your business you need a map you can read...that's what your salon software is.
Lack of productivity and profit is shaping up to be the biggest challenge for salon owners...that profit buffer is being eroded by increased overheads and incorrect service pricing.
If you don't have salon software it's time to sign on, if you have software but you don't utilise it's functionality then take the time to upskill, run reports and analyse them weekly, monthly and quarterly.
Now you can set your sights on a destination for your salon and know that your map will guide you there.