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There are only 3 ways to grow your salons turnover...

Focus on any of these 3 areas of your salon business and your turnover will on all of them and your business will boom!

1. Get more bums on seats

New clients are the lifeblood of every salon!

We need about 10% of our clients to be new to replenish the clients that move across town/out of town and no longer visit. An ongoing client referral program is essential but even more important is a salon that has a strong culture and ethics based on quality and consistency, this mojo will always attract new clients to your salon. Sometimes it's not that your salon isn't attracting new clients it may be that you aren't retaining them - have you looked at your client retention stats lately? Do you cherish new clients and follow up to make sure they are happy after their first visit?

Turn your clients into raving fans and they will be your best marketing asset!

2. Increase your client average spend

Lot's of things influence our client average spend in the salon but one of the key drivers is the consistency of our consultations, the client journey and the commitment to client education.

It's so much easier to get the clients we have sitting in our chair to spend more money with us, they trust us to recommend what's best for their hair. You wouldn't buy a dress or a suit that said DRYCLEAN ONLY and then wash it in the washing machine (well you could but it doesn't generally end well!) so why do we let our clients walk out the salon door without the haircare that we have used and that they need to keep their hair looking fabulous at home?

Time to start measuring what % of your clients are having a colour service, enjoying a salon treatment and taking home the "care for their hair" then you can begin to tap into the potential of every client that sits in your chair!

P.S. You could also increase your prices as well!

3. Improve your yearly client visit rate

Your salons rebook rate has a direct impact on how often your client steps through your door each year, how often your client steps through your door each year has a direct impact on your salon turnover! 

Aim to rebook at least 75% of your clients (obviously the higher the better!) and to rebook them into the 6 week time frame. Let's crunch some numbers here - you book your client every six weeks and they will visit at least 8.6 times per year spending approx $120 each time = $1032 year spend

Book them every eight weeks and they visit 6.5 times per year = $780 year spend. That's a difference of $252 per client. 

Now lets say your client base is 200 people - if they visit you every 6 weeks their combined revenue for the year would be $206,400 if they were 8 weekers the combined revenue would be $156,000 - that's a serious difference of $50,400 in a year!

So the key here is to get your rebook rate up over 75% and aim for a 6 week rebook time frame.

Don't forget there is a big difference between salon turnover and profit, what you spend in overheads can make or break you - you need to work to a budget and measure/monitor your running costs as well.