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New Years resolutions Versus Goals

I started thinking to myself about what New Years resolutions I wanted to make, and what I wanted to acheieve next year, when I realised that there was actually a clear difference between the two, and I wanted to share this with you to help you set clear resolutions/goals so that you are geared for success.

So what is the difference? Well, a resolution is usually a change in behaviour that doesn’t have a measurable outcome. An example of this is ‘my New Years resolution is to have a better work/life balance’. This will require a change somewhere, but the success of this resolution isnt measureable.

A goal (when set correctly) is something with a measured result and a time frame. An example of this could be ‘my goal for 2017 is to lose 10kilos by the end of the year’. This goal has a clear measure of success and a time frame. It can then be broken down to smaller chunks, i.e loose 2.5 kilos every three months.

Its really important that these two things are differentiatied as if your resolution is something like increasing your turnover, then it isnt very clear. If however you set a goal of increasing your turnover by 5% compared to 2016, then that has a clear target and time frame. If your goal is to spend more time developing your business, then how do you measure that? It really needs to be a resolution, not a goal. Keep in mind that your resolutions and goals can link together, you could have a resolution of spending more time developing your business, which will help you work on your goal of increasing your turnover.

Remember, a resolution is usually based around a behaviour change, a goal is something measurable. Take your time to do this right, and have fun doing so.